You’re not quite sure how you ended up here, but here you are — the Inn of Restful Repose, the most expensive, most luxurious inn in the capitol. You were ordered here, with a little slip of paper “to show them at the door”.

The two hulks at the door let you in — reluctantly, it seemed — and handed the paper to a small woman inside. She led you through the surprisingly dim halls to a private meeting room. Around the table inside are some familiar faces — and at its head is quite a surprising one. Theos Caellus, the king’s chancellor and right-hand man.

‘Welcome,’ he says, ‘and please take a seat. Drinks will be along in a minute. Since we’re all here, I’ll get started.’

‘Undoubtedly you’ve heard the rumors, that the Bane has withdrawn. Just this morning, the Rangers got word back to the capitol, that, yes, it has. At least ten miles; maybe more.’

‘So the King is looking for some reasonably reliable agents — to go into the newly exposed lands and recover his property.’

The Banelands